Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Everything on schedule for Gabo Island OC-196

Well everything is on scheduled for the Gabo Island activation.

I've been in touch again with the aviation company and he confirms that the single engine charter plane to get on and off the island is available and so I'll be looking to make payment in a couple of months.

The most important stumbling block was ensuring permission was granted. I have full written permission from Parks Victoria to operate amateur radio equipment in a particular part of the island near the lighthouse. There are a range of conditions that need to be adhered to but it still means I can set up verticals for a range of bands. The focus will be on using 20m for as much as possible but I will also use 15m, 17m, 30m and 40m depending on openings.

The cost of accommodation has been paid for, this was a surprisingly significant cost ($800).

As we get closer to the time I'll give out some likely operating schedules to help people plan their hunting.

73s de Craig VK5CE

Monday, August 1, 2016

Next IOTA DXpedition announced

I will be activating Gabo Island OC-196 on January 31 to February 1 2017.

The last organised IOTA DXpedition was back in 2001. There were a couple of lighthouse weekend operations but their focus was ILLW and not IOTA and hence QSOs were mainly with VK/ZL lighthouses and a little bit of DX, as indicated by there only being 2.8% claimed by current IOTA chasers in the last 8 years as per the 2016 IOTA Directory (page 118).

The activation of Gabo Island involves a car drive of 1300 km (800 miles) from VK5 to VK3 and then I charter a private light aircraft to and from the island. Any financial support would be really appreciated. Thanks Craig VK5CE

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